Poster A girl dreamer by Leire Salaberria

Thanks to Leire we can rediscover the magic of the book that grows like plants and our dreams, every day, naturally, without haste and bearing fruit that feeds our imagination. Flowers and books are close cousins. They always work as the most beautiful gift and need to be opened before the eyes of their admirers. Without our gazes and the sun the two could not make us grow and without them we would be very lonely, like the planets without their stars and moons.

Note on the author:

As she explains to me, she is afraid of seeing and leaving a blank sheet of paper. That's why she draws more and more elements so that those who see them don't get bored.


Her readers are usually children because she illustrates books dedicated to them. She is a mother and observes what they notice and what they enjoy. On several occasions she has received critiques from children; they are accurate and she incorporates them into her process. That is why in her house everything flows naturally: drawing and enjoying. These are the two dynamics that children teach us, she explains. And that life and the search for happiness are more than just a desire for knowledge. That by enjoying every moment we learn to live in the best of ways. And for her the best way is to draw because that is what she has loved doing all her life.


Technical and production details:


Limited edition of 25 units with the artist's signature and certificate of authenticity attached.

High quality artistic printing. Local production with the collaboration of Basque artists. Made and designed in the Basque Country.

We want our prints to be a beautiful gift for you and your loved ones. In the process of creation we have based our work on trust and we share the profits to contribute to the economy and to a dignified culture.



297 x 420 cm


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