Katilé might be translated into optimistic nostalgia. Something similar to a library of memories. 

I created it out of love for paper and art. It's a room where you can enjoy notebooks, prints and postcards and more objects that we are going to design in the future. We are going to design, because I started this adventure accompanied by a wonderful group of artists and designers thanks to whom this project has become sheer happiness and pleasure. We are simply going to keep going, looking to the sky; and we wish to collect more and more dreams and make more and more friends on our way.

Katilé expresses my greatest fascination as the stationary shop was my favourite place along with libraries and forests. This could also have been powered by that peculiar energy in Eastern Europe in the nineties, as well. Stemming from that immense willingness to change, not to stop, to study. It's an attempt to rekindle that spirit and vivacity of analogical life which I hope we haven’t lost yet.

About Kasia

The ways I nourish my spirit are simple – it’s a whole lot of walking and reading. I am a great propagator of the beautiful yet dying art of writing postcards, and I do it every time the opportunity presents itself. My very special moments are visits to the post office and traveling by train.
Professionally involved with languages, I am always keen on expanding my vocabulary and discovering new books. After growing up in Poland, moved to San Sebastian in Basque Country, Spain, where Katilé was born.