Poster The morning landscape by Iraia Okina

Iraia's illustrations make us aware that nature is at the same time the landscape that hides us under its custody of calm and beauty and ourselves when we come to its refuge, showing ourselves to be vulnerable.

The forest shelters us, takes care of us and paints pictorial fantasies. We do not know where nature emerges and where our skin begins because the it seems to be the same melancholy between the branches of the trees and in our hands unable to capture the wind.


Note on the author:


Asked about inspiration, she replies that she has two facets as an artist and believes that both grease the whole mechanism. She draws because she needs it for herself. It is her intimate exercise, which is not determined by any kind of outside force. And then she creates because she collaborates with publishers, and finally, she works with text. The both activities allow her to keep a balance because they offer her different challenges that complement each other. It is possible for personal works to reach an exhibition and sell, but his creation is not dictated by these circumstances.


Technical and production details:


Limited edition of 25 units with the artist's signature and certificate of authenticity attached.

High quality artistic printing. Local production with the collaboration of Basque artists. Made and designed in the Basque Country.

We want our prints to be a beautiful gift for you and your loved ones. In the process of creation we have based our work on trust and we share the profits to contribute to the economy and to a dignified culture.



297 x 420 cm


Munken Lynx 300g

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