Poster Watching star by Paula Estévez

Loneliness could be tinged with blue as in Paula's illustrations. She investigates individualistic characters, honest with themselves, even in their dark secrets. It is an encounter between the visible and the magical substance that runs between the walls of our houses and opens the space to the astonishment of the complex human nature.


And when we look outside, at the distant village, its watchful star and white walls, we are transported to the Basque Country, the Middle East and the Albaicín on the same journey.


Note on the author:

First an idea originates and then all that is needed is to give it a singular form, Paula explains. However, nothing comes from nothing, she continues. You have to investigate, take nothing for granted, dig deep, strive to reach a depth, a kind of intangible wisdom that is accessible only to the most stubbornly curious. He says he does not believe in geniuses, but in people who show a certain facility for particular activities, and that with time, practice and dedication, that persistence becomes a sign of genius.



297 x 420 cm


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